Pan-Tilt Control Systems
Video Camera Systems
IP Based PTZ Controller Systems
Engineered Solutions
PTZ Positioner Systems
IP Video Camera Systems
IP PTZ Controller Systems
Engineered Solutions
Standard and engineered video monitoring solutions to meet your exacting requirements
Pan-Tilt heads featuring rugged designs, low power, and precise position control.
Multi-megapixel hardened camera systems featuring power zoom lenses and wireless links.
Advanced IP based closed loop DC servo systems with built in web interfaces and joystick control.
Design - build solutions available for your unique product or application.
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NEW Quick Start Guide Pelco D Serial Commands Quick Start Guide

NEW "Being In Control Is Everything" Overview Control Options

• New World Class PoE Powered Pan & Tilt (PoE Powered P/T) system is now available. Operates from any 802.3af compliant PoE switch of injector

  • NEW PoE Powered P/T